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Tyre Safety Month 2020

Don’t ignore your tyres, check:
• Air pressure: Use an accurate tyre pressure gauge to check tyres’ air pressure is at the recommended settings. Check the vehicles owner’s handbook or fuel filler cap

• Condition: Lumps or bulges in a tyre may indicate internal damage and increase the risk of a catastrophic failure. If these, or cuts and cracks, are found while checking a tyre, the tyre may need replacing and professional advice should be sought.

• Tread depth: Tread depth should be checked with an accurate gauge to ensure it is above the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm. If you don’t have an accurate tread depth gauge, a 20p can be used as a guide to how close your tread is to the limit if you don’t have a tread depth gauge available

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Tyre safety month continues to grow each year, but its success would not be possible without the help of many road safety professionals across the UK. Road safety officers, local councils, police forces, fire services, driving instructors and many others are critical in helping to spread messages and improve behaviour about tyre care and maintenance, helping to make our roads a safer place.

Tyre safety month provides road safety professionals with an ideal opportunity to run awareness campaigns, enforcement campaigns or even educational initiatives. Tying your local initiatives in with tyre safety month can help raise the profile of your activities and get the message out to the public as well as engaging with local and regional media.