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Sarah Smithurst MBE

Sarah Smithurst MBE

NTTA - Business Development Manager

National Trailer and Towing Association Ltd


I live in Nottinghamshire but my heart is in Ghana.

Work History

I am driven by a real passion to develop excellence and customer service, which is of paramount importance. I am versatile, with a methodical and practical approach to problem-solving in all aspects of my role. Work prior to this industry was with Nottinghamshire Police & Ghana Police. Ghana will always have a special place in my heart, a fantastic country and beautiful people. The life of a Police officer is nothing like the one in the UK, they have my full respect for what they face every day. I was made an Honorary Police Officer, the only white person ever and I was a Ch Insp. Love to each and every one of you.

I also had 2 wonderful years working in the USA selling TOYS. So much fun behaving and thinking like a child at times in an adults body. The people I met have and will always be good friends.


I joined the NTTA in September 2018 Business Development Manager. My main role is to look after the members. I am looking forward to meeting each one and collaborating with you to exchange ideas to help all. I am here to help you and the NTTA to grow together. The NTTA sets the standards for the towing industry today and I want to continue that and raise the bar higher with your help.