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If you would like to join the NTTA please complete the membership application form below. We will send you further information and advise you once your application has been approved.

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Quality Secured 5* Scheme

If you fit towbars or service trailers you are eligible to become a Quality Secured member and achieve a star rating on the NTTA website.

1 to 4 Stars are gained by submitting completed paperwork after joining and the fifth star is obtained by undertaking a Quality Secured Assessment by an NTTA Assessor.

(Please note there is an additional fee of £330.00 for the QS Assessment. For further information on the Quality Secured 5* Scheme please email: info@ntta.co.uk)


Data Protection Act

Under the Data Protection Act, the above details will be stored electronically for NTTA administrative purposes. They will also form the basis of your Website Directory, Buyers Guide entry and URL links.

Your email address will be used to send you newsletters and NTTA information.

DISCLAIMER: We can only give advice and opinions based on our experience. The interpretation of the law is a matter for the Courts.



Subscription Rate (inc VAT)
Training to Tow £60.00
Turnover Less than £100K £277.20
Turnover Less than £500K £466.20
Turnover over £ 500K £661.50