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Michael Kerfoot

Michael Kerfoot

NTTA - Council Member

Leyland Leisure Sales Trailer Centre


I live in a small village called Clayton-le-woods which is south of Preston, Lancashire. Where I live with my 5-year-old son.

I have a twin brother and an older brother that are in different industries but all help each other out when it is needed and all live local to me.


I’m a keen motorsport fan and in which I’m the vice chairman of Red Rose Landrover Club in which I compete and organise different events from trialling to racing and team challenge events in our own prepped vehicles.

I’m also a keen snowboarder and go every year to the French alps

I also take part in other sports from wake boarding, mountain biking, and camping with my son in the better months.

Work History

Once leaving high school I competed a ND in Motorsport which I passed and gave me the opportunity to work for a few companies i.e. Safety devices (roll cages) I had different options but realised that the amount of work that was needed to put into it for the outcome it was better to work for the family company and I could see the effort that was going in to the company and one day reap the benefits. where I started full time in 2002.

In 2008 I became a director of Leyland leisure sales trailer centre this was down to the passing of my father and this is where I had to prove myself in the industry, and also at the time of a recession.

Which me and the team have grown the company to bigger and better things


Leyland leisure Sales started trading in 1977 where Brian and Madelaine Kerfoot started a small company from nothing and built up gradually building one off trailers for the local area and met the demand of the local area. In the last 40 years we have grown and gone through some difficult times and changes in the industry which we have adapted and changed. We have a work force of 5 and service all the industry from the one-off trailer builds to importing trailers, tow bar fitting bike carriers and welding and fabrication. The team have learnt that if you are not changing what you are doing in your business you are being left behind.


Back in the early years when my father Brian Kerfoot was a member of the NTTA I used to attend meeting with him as a 18 year old, with a lot of big characters in the industry and a lot of information to take in it was a little daunting at first but it was a way for me to get to know my industry and also get to know the people in the industry. And the more and more I attended the more people I got to know and you seem to get accepted into this small industry that has grown over the past t 15 years . Then 7 years ago my name was floating around council for me to be a part of this as I was quite a young person in this industry that has different view from a front line of the industry and a little out spoken at times they were keen to get me on board. And I have been there ever since.