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Navigating the World of Trailers

As the National Trailer and Towing Association, the leading body in the UK representing the Light Trailer and Towing industry, we've seen firsthand the pivotal role trailers play in the business world.

Recovery Tow Show 2023: NTTA Builds Networks

This year, the Recovery Tow Show witnessed a significant presence from the National Trailer & Towing Association (NTTA), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible trailer usage and towing safety.

Type Approval and IVA Tests for Trailers in the UK

What You Need to Know If you're planning to build a trailer in the UK

UK Trailer Safety Week

NTTA UK Trailer Safety Week 5th – 11th June 2023

NTTA Members offering Free Safety Checks

The number of Members supporting the Free Safety Checks initiative is growing by the day. Click the link to see the map.

Promoting Safe and Legal Towing

Jim Green Director of BARTA met with Sarah Smithurst and Julie Pywell of the National Trailer and Towing Association (NTTA) at the Horse Trust site in Buckinghamshire recently to look at opportunities to work together.

Towing with A-Frames

The single most asked question during our time at the Motorhome & Caravan Show related to towing of cars behind Motorhomes. There has been a lot of talk about the impact of Regulation 13, the new EU braking regulations that came into force on...

National Towing Working Group Safety Framework

The APPG on Trailer and Towing Safety brings together parliamentarians, towing and trailer industry representatives and consumer groups to discuss and raise awareness of towing and trailer safety in the UK

Horse Trailer Towing

This question and answer might help you if you tow a horse trailer.

A5 Flyer - how to check your towing weight

We often get asked how much weight a vehicle can tow. Its important to know the exact towing capacity of your vehicle for safety, legal and insurance purposes.

NTTA has a seat in Parliament

The House of Commons has an All-Party Parliamentary Group which has been registered to raise awareness of trailer and towing safety in the UK.

New Tyre Labelling Regulations

New tyre labelling regulations came in to force on1st November 2012. Whilst the brunt of the responsibility to comply lies with the tyre manufacturers and distributors, retailers of new vehicles (including trailers as we understand it) must ens

Change to Trailer Width Rule

Following consultation the DfT have announced the removal of the 2.3 metre width limit for light trailers towed behind a vehicle with Maximum Authorised Mass less than 3500 kg ie most cars and 4x4's. The width limit for light trailers (i.e. catego

MOT special notice 01-19:

Issues with some 13-pin socket test tools, diesel smoke meter upgrades and annual training and assessment for MOT testers.

Better SEARCH facility on this site

The Product Search facility at the bottom left of each page can be used to search for products or members. Just remember to click on the magnifying glass to execute your search. Hitting the return key may yield incomplete results.

Post Code search added to Buyers' Guide

The NTTA Website Buyers’ Guide facility now allows you to search for suppliers so that they are displayed in order of distance from you. Simply choose a category from the listing on the left and then enter your Post Code.

Assembly of flat pack trailers

We have had several enquiries relating to the assembly of flat pack trailers once the new Type Approval regulations come into force at the end of October. As there seems to be considerable confusion surrounding this topic it may be helpful if we publ

Breathalyser Rules in France

Most people may be aware that the French have introduced a law which means that "Every driver of a motorised land vehicle, excluding mopeds, must possess an unused and immediately available breathalyser". This applies to not only private motorists b

Regulation EC1071/2009 and effect on light trailers

The Department for Transport has recently published its response to its short consultation on the implementation of Regulation EC1071/2009. The Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC) has published guidance on the regulation and all Standard Nation

Suspended prison sentence for unsafe towing

A driver has been given a suspended prison sentence - after was spotted towing a 40ft long American-style caravan with a Land Rover along the M62 near Huddersfield. The driver was charged with dangerous driving for the incident in February 2010 an

Changes to MoT tests in April 2012

The Department for Transport will be making some changes to the MoT tests for cars to give more attention to the safety and security of towbars and towing electrics where fitted and present on the vehicle when presented for MoT inspection. These c

Motorway Lighting Changes

Motorway Lighting is to be switched off permanently on the section of the M1 between J10 (Luton) to J13 (Milton Keynes) progressively from mid August 2011. The change is to aimed at reducing carbon emissions (and saving costs) and will still leave t

Type Testing of Trailers

From October 2012 all type O1 (under 750 kg) and type O2 (under 3500 kg) trailers sold in Europe will require a Certificate of Compliance to show that they have been Type Tested to all European safety directives. Trailer manufacturers are currently

NTTA Free Trailer Safety Checks

‘Important’ trailer safety scheme backed by Bristol MP and road safety Minister

Towbar Fitting South Yorkshire

Selecting a professional towbar fitter in South Yorkshire will ensure safety and compliance for your towing needs. This guide outlines why choosing a certified towbar fitting service, like those accredited by the NTTA, is crucial.