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Trailer Safety Week 7th - 13th June 2020

What is Trailer Safety Week?

Trailer Safety Week is an annual nation-wide awareness campaign aimed at promoting the importance of safe and legal towing. We will be in various areas across the country during the week and carrying out roadside safety checks with the Police and VOSA. We will also be working with the TER checking for stolen trailers.

Trailer Safety Week

When is Trailer Safety Week?

Although trailer safety is important to focus on 365 days a year, Trailer Safety Week will officially take place 7th - 13th June 2020.

Why is there a Trailer Safety Week?

With thousands of trailers on the roads every day it is crucial that we promote the importance of safe and legal towing. We hope to utilise the relationship between Manufacturers, Dealers, Trailer Service Centres, Towbar Fitters and B+E driving schools and of course the public to do this.

Trailer Safety Week

How NTTA QS members can get involved

To be involved, contact the NTTA office and register your interest. You can attend the roadside trailer safety checks with the Police and VOSA during the week.

Trailer Safety Week

For more information about Trailer Safety Week email info@ntta.co.uk