UK Trailer Safety Week

UK Trailer Safety Week

NTTA UK Trailer Safety Week 4th – 9th June 2024 

In conjunction with the American Trailer Safety campaign week, the NTTA will be running a UK Trailer Safety campaign

Incorporating all aspects of trailer and towing safety:

  • Trailer maintenance – highlighting the importance of regular servicing.
  • How to Guides – e.g. hitching and unhitching
  • Trailer Registration through the TER
  • Trailer insurance (for purchased and hired trailers)
  • Towbar maintenance and service
  • Importance of using a qualified fitter for correct installation
  • What happens in the event of an accident when towing?
  • Q&A – i.e. do I need a breakaway cable?
  • Importance of and access to, trailer towing lessons.

Free Trailer Safety Checks

The NTTA has the UK's first Free Safety Check program for the light trailer industry.

All trailers, unbraked and braked, up to 3500kg (gross weight) can be taken to a participating NTTA QS Member for the Free Safety Check, which could highlight issues that should be addressed.

Download the NTTA Trailer Safety Checks App

NTTA Trailer Safety Checks is an App based solution to help drivers complete daily trailer inspections. It guides the user through each item to check and allows photographs and notes to be recorded against each item. 

For novices the App also has links to guides for each area to check.

There is a General Public section for anyone to perform trailer checks on their own trailer. But we can also accommodate businesses who run multiple trailers and provide them with weekly reports to show:

  • If checks are being done and by whom
  • Which trailers have current or repeated issues

For more information on the work the NTTA carry out take a look at our website:


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