Non Members

Where it has come to the attention of the association that a company or individual is ‘passing off’ as a member or a Trusted Workshop member of the NTTA it is important to do all that we can to inform the public of the situation. The following list contains shows companies or individuals who are representing themselves as members or Trusted Workshop members of the NTTA either by use of our logos or within a statement on their website, other documentation or public presence.

Our members work hard to meet the requirements of the NTTA and as such any party misrepresenting themselves as a member damages the trust we have built with the general public & trade customers that our members have.

Our procedures for stopping this misrepresentation are strictly adhered to, initially contact is made with the organisation or individual and a time frame is given within which to cease & desist. If this is not adhered to then further stronger legal measures are applied. As part of these measures we will undertake to list any companies or individuals not complying to our initial requests here on our website and on our social media pages. Once a company or individual complies, we will remove them from this listing.

The NTTA urges the public to check that a company is a genuine member by using the search box above.