New Tyre Labelling Regulations

New tyre labelling regulations came in to force on1st November 2012.

Whilst the brunt of the responsibility to comply lies with the tyre manufacturers and distributors, retailers of new vehicles (including trailers as we understand it) must ensure that the customer is given full details including fuel efficiency, wet grip (where applicable) and external noise of the tyre type(s) that are offered. However, this only applies where the customer is given a choice of tyres so it is unlikely to cause the manufacturers and retailers of trailers any concern.

It may have an impact on parts retailers who offer replacement tyres for trailer applications and they should ensure that the tyres they are selling have the new energy and performance labels on them or that they can offer the customer the relevant data sheets.They will also be required to show the information on customers' bills.

The information/labelling scheme became mandatory from 1 November 2012 for all tyres for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles produced from 1 July 2012 except those with a rim diameter less than 254 mm or greater than 635mm.

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