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Type Approval and IVA Tests for Trailers in the UK

What You Need to Know If you're planning to build a trailer in the UK

New Tyre Labelling Regulations

New tyre labelling regulations came in to force on1st November 2012. Whilst the brunt of the responsibility to comply lies with the tyre manufacturers and distributors, retailers of new vehicles (including trailers as we understand it) must ens

Change to Trailer Width Rule

Following consultation the DfT have announced the removal of the 2.3 metre width limit for light trailers towed behind a vehicle with Maximum Authorised Mass less than 3500 kg ie most cars and 4x4's. The width limit for light trailers (i.e. catego

Assembly of flat pack trailers

We have had several enquiries relating to the assembly of flat pack trailers once the new Type Approval regulations come into force at the end of October. As there seems to be considerable confusion surrounding this topic it may be helpful if we publ

Breathalyser Rules in France

Most people may be aware that the French have introduced a law which means that "Every driver of a motorised land vehicle, excluding mopeds, must possess an unused and immediately available breathalyser". This applies to not only private motorists b

Regulation EC1071/2009 and effect on light trailers

The Department for Transport has recently published its response to its short consultation on the implementation of Regulation EC1071/2009. The Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC) has published guidance on the regulation and all Standard Nation

Type Testing of Trailers

From October 2012 all type O1 (under 750 kg) and type O2 (under 3500 kg) trailers sold in Europe will require a Certificate of Compliance to show that they have been Type Tested to all European safety directives. Trailer manufacturers are currently