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Do you need a BE Towing Licence?

All information supplied by Richard Wilson, Driver Training Cymru – www.drivertraining.cymru 


MAM – the most the vehicle is legally allowed to weigh. 

MLPM – the most the trailer is legally allowed to weigh, EVEN IF EMPTY. 


Add the weight (MLPM) for the trailer/caravan (found on the weight plate – it will be the top /highest weight listed) with the MAM for the vehicle with section F1 on the V5c or the top weight on the VIN plate.

If the weight (MLPM) of the trailer is bigger than 750kg then the total can be 3500kg. Even if both are empty the maximum weights are used.


If a person passed their normal driving licence After 1/1/97 then they are entitled to drive a 3500kg vehicle with a maximum 750kg trailer (4250kg) OR a combined 3500kg.