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Info for retailers of small trailers

VCA are reminding retailers of small trailers of the information which they will have to record (and hold) at point of sale from this October (2012) following the introduction of Type Testing of Trailers.

This will be a legal requirement - part of Road Vehicles (Approval) Regulations 2009

Information has to be kept for a minimum of 10 years and comprises:

(a) name and address and (if any) company registration number of manufacturer

(b) the manufacturer's designation (make and model) of the trailer

(c) the month and year when manufacture of the trailer was completed

(d) the vehicle identification (VIN) number

(e) the number of the type approval or individual approval certificate

(f) a copy of any certificate of conformity issued in respect of the trailer

(g) the date of supply, and

(h) the name and address of the purchaser

Records will not be required where either a trailer has been used previously on a road in the UK, or it was manufactured more than 10 years before the date when it is first used on a road in the UK.

Trailers which are subject of multi-stage build by different manufacturers, such as body builders, and therefore have several levels of type testing, will follow in October 2013.