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Road safety operation by NTTA and Wales Police

Road safety operation uncovers defective trailers


An operation to improve trailer safety in Denbighshire found several vehicles being towed in a dangerous condition during a recent road safety initiative.
On Thursday, March 21st officers from the Special Constabulary Road Safety Unit, Roads Policing Unit and local policing team stopped vehicles on the A525 weighbridge near Rhuddlan.
The officers, who were joined by two engineers from the National Trailer & Towing Association and Denbighshire County Council, stopped several vehicles towing trailers and other vehicles.

Officers noticed trailers being towed with no number plates, defective tyres, brakes and lights as well as an overloaded van. A trailer was also found to have inoperative brakes and breakaway cable, another was found to have worn coupling. Towing vehicles had missing indicators, an insecure headlamp due to crash damage and mismatched number plates compared to the trailers themselves.

Special Sergeant Steve Smith of the Road Safety Unit said: “This operation was a success with officers stopping vehicles that were towing trailers in a dangerous condition.

“Each motorist with faults was dealt with at the roadside with officers from the various agencies giving advice. Some of these were travelling long distances and had the faults not been identified there and then there could have been severe consequences along the way.

“The public would expect us to ensure that towing vehicles and trailers being used on the roads conform to current legislation and regulations, as any other class of vehicle, so that other road users are not being put at unnecessary risk. Further operations are planned, and we will continue to remind motorists to check the condition of their vehicles before leaving home or face the consequences.”

Further advice on the safe towing of trailers is available via the National Trailer and Towing Association website https://ntta.co.uk/law/preparing/checks

 Comment from NTTA

The NTTA is a not-for-profit organisation and is the main body in the UK representing the light towing industry. It represents the interests of its members on national bodies and keeps those members informed of changes to help them run their businesses more effectively as members are all from trade organisations

The NTTA are keen to raise awareness on trailer safety and operations such as these are a great indicator of the general condition of trailers that are being used on the road network.

We are keen to engage with the general public to improve education wherever possible