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Horse Trailer Towing.

This question and answer might help you if you tow a horse trailer.

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A5 Flyer - how to check your towing weight

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NTTA has a seat in Parliament

The House of Commons has an All-Party Parliamentary Group which has been registered to raise awareness of trailer and towing safety in the UK.

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New Tyre Labelling Regulations

New tyre labelling regulations came in to force on1st November 2012. Whilst the brunt of the responsibility to comply lies with the tyre manufacturers and distributors, retailers of new vehicles (including trailers as we understand it) must ...

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Change to Trailer Width Rule

Following consultation the DfT have announced the removal of the 2.3 metre width limit for light trailers towed behind a vehicle with Maximum Authorised Mass less than 3500 kg ie most cars and 4x4's. The width limit for light trailers (i.e. cat...

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