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The Main Categories of LGV Licences

The main non - LGV (unified) licence categories are:

Category C1

Rigid goods vehicles over 3,500kg but NOT over 7,500kg. Vehicles drawing trailers not over 750kg maximum authorised mass are included in this category

Category C1+E

Combinations of vehicles in Category C1 plus trailers over 750kg maximum authorised mass, but with an overall maximum authorised mass (gross train weight) not over 12,000kg

Category C

Rigid goods vehicles over 3,500kg maximum authorised mass (MAM - thisexpression has the same meaning as permitted maximum weight - PMW). Entitlement holders may also drawtrailers not over 750kg MAM.

Category C+E

Articulated vehicles and drawbar combinations whose semi - trailers and trailers have a MAM greater than those stipulated in Category C

NB: The 'E' relates to trailers and semi-trailers over 750kg maximum authorised mass.

These categories are for drivers who previously held old style ("ordinary") licences (in either Group A or Group B) issued before 1 June 1990 allowing them to retain their previous entitlement under the old style ordinary licences.

Drivers in these two categories are also permitted to drive PCV's provided they do not:

  • Carry more than 8 passengers
  • Use the vehicle for 'hire and reward' work
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