Trailers & Tachographs

The flow chart below is designed to tell whether a vehicle/trailer combination needs a tachograph.

This is an important issue and one in which the police are taking a keen interest. Drivers who legitimately do not have a tachograph should carry a copy of this information if they think the police might possibly expect them to have one in their cab.

Tachograph Chart

Tachograph Chart

As a result of the recent appeal court case, it might well be that the vehicle and trailer would have to be taken to a weighbridge and weighed at over 3,500kg before prosecution could proceed.

If either the gross plated weight or the train weight of your vehicle is over 3,500kg you need to consider your position very carefully. The DfT and the NTTA stress that their comments are for advice only and that it is for the courts to interpret the law.

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